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No diagnosis is being offered nor any cure promised by the application of this information.

Alastair McLoughlin cannot be held responsible for any injury arising from the application of this work by the practitioner to any third party however caused.

This work is not a substitute for medical attention. Please seek your physician’s advice if in doubt.
This is rapid and easy to apply.
The results can be dramatic, and pain can disappear within moments of the application.

See the instructional video presentation for clarification and exact finger placement which is critical in this instance.


  • Pre-menstrual pain
  • Ovarian pain
  • Testicular pain


Please exclude the possibility of any other causative factors such as fibroids, undiagnosed testicular lumps or possible ovarian or testicular cancers by referring your client for medical diagnosis.
Proceed with caution if you are unsure about any undiagnosed medical condition.  

People have responded to this work even after they have undergone non-conclusive medical tests.
It is worth applying the work to determine if the client can respond but if the pain does not subside, or the pain comes back, then refer for further medical investigation.

Position of the patient:

The patient lays supine on the treatment table.  

Locate the correct points for this series of moves - as shown in the video presentation as two yellow circles.

AoB Procedure:

The move is made on the very edge of the pubic bone.
One or both points may be sensitive or painful.

  • Left side only for left sided pain.
  • Right side only for right sided pain.
  • Moves may be applied on both side for bi-lateral pains.

Make the moves in the direction indicated in the video presentation.


Immediately after performing these moves wait for between 2 and 10 minutes for reactions to occur.
Do not touch the client again and do not apply any other work during this period of time.

Once completed send the client home.

This may be the only work you need to do on the day of treatment and usually this ‘alone on the day’ approach works better than including it with other work or techniques.

How it works:

This sequence works by ‘opening’ and releasing an acupuncture point on the Liver meridian that is often used for reproductive organ pain in males or females.
I believe congestion of the Liver pathway is what causes undiagnosed reproductive organ pain in some instances.

The pain relief can be quite dramatic and quickly experienced in certain cases although there are many reasons for reproductive organ pain that do not respond to this work.

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